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read first Discord Un-Blacklist Requests

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Welcome to the lowest priority section of Prefech. You are usually here since you've broken rules in one way or another and if you're here because you didn't do something, well we're very sorry then. Alright, let's get to the case!

Don't expect your unblacklist request to be dealt with instantly. It may take a few days before your unblacklist request will be reviewed and accepted/denied. Please respect that we do our very best as fast as possible, so please don't spam any Staff about doing your unblacklist request or bump the thread itself.

Admins & the final say
Please respect that the staff members have the final say in the case and you have to accept whatever result they come up with. Failing to accept the staff members final say and bothering him with it can result in a ban. We're here to help everyone and do our best, but we're not your servants.

Please stay mature in your unblacklist request, we do not accept any kind of foul language in your unblacklist request. We expect you to show respect and don't write anything you shouldn't in the unblacklist request. Your post simply has to be clear and not offend anyone in any way.

Submit a Discord UnBlacklist Request

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