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Setting up your permissions in the server.cfg

  1. Navigate to your server.cfg
    • If you use TxAdmin this will be: SERVER_IP:40120/cfgEditor
  2. Adding a ace permission to a group.
    • To create a group and add a permission to it you can add the following to your server.cf:
      # gives the group admin access to the ace permission jd.staff
      add_ace group.admin jd.staff allow
    • This will add the jd.staff ace permission to the group admin.
      We are adding ace permissions to groups so we can manage the permissions for players easier by groups.

  3. Adding a user to the group.
    • To ass a user to the group you can use the following to your server.cf:
      # makes identifier.steam:110000112345678 inherit from group.admin
      add_principal identifier.steam:110000112345678 group.admin

Additional Information:

You can add a user to all groups it needs or you can make groups inherit permissions from other groups.
If you want groups to inherit you can do that like the following:

# makes group.admin inherit from group.moderator
add_principal group.admin group.moderator


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